Seventeen days

by Elisa

Next up in my life is my birthday. Sure, Valentine’s Day comes before that, but besides the fact that this lovey dovey day was supposed to be my birthday, it’s pretty much always a rather ordinary day.

I do however enjoy the red, heartshaped gumdrops that the stores always start selling while anticipating the day and their big sales when everyone start being romantic. Oh hello, where are my spontaneous roses or box of liquorice (yea, no chocolate thanks) other times during the year? It’s love, no need to go all in during just one day of the year. ♥ (Let’s forget the fact I’m single for a moment, yeah?)

Anyhow, this was about my birthday. I’m writing this craving candy, which probably is the reason as to why Valentine’s Day was brought up. Candy and love kind of goes together. Saturday the 22nd of February I’m gonna eat loads of liquorice since I haven’t eaten it in forever and am the biggest lover of it. Avoiding sweets while in training is hard but manageable for a sweet tooth like me. But it works out while working out, hehe, I have my goal set and can’t wait to get there.