by Elisa

Summer. Time off work. Sun, sun, sun warming my face. And weirdly enough I have the soundtrack to Frozen on repeat. Now and then Part of your world pops on when I feel like belting out my inner Disney princess.

The heat in my apartment is getting to me, yeah.

All the while I’m copying the last two years of my life in photos to an external hard drive for keepsake. So much has happened. Life is weird, and good, and always surprises you.

And soon I’m about to start a new chapter in life. But more about that later. Right now, three more weeks of doing exactly what I want. Sleep in, run, watch my favorite series, be in the sun with closed eyes and eat lots of watermelon. And strawberries, my favorite this time of the year.

I just got back from spending a week up north where I have relatives living. It was just what I needed; mostly the sound of nature and birds and lawn mowers. No traffic, no city stress.