Ercoire started out as a regular blog telling the story of my life. With it I’ve expressed my love for music, tv & film and various gleeing, flailing and also ranting. It’s the alternative name of February in Quenya, a fictional language by J.R.R. Tolkien. Back in 2005 when this blog first started, my love for Lord of the Rings was infinite and my birthday is in February, hence the name.

My name is Elisa, also called Ellie. I was born in 1986 and live in Stockholm, Sweden. I enjoy the little things in life, lyrics that go straight to my heart, tea & sarcasm.

Here are some other things that sum me up:

liquorice • dinosaurs • x-files • laying in bed listening to the rain • horror • the color blue • star wars • snow, lots of snow • peppermint hot chocolate • writing • astronomy • photographing • making lists • the way spring comes alive & autumn smells • dance, dance • soundtracks • losing myself in front of a good live band •