Sharks, everywhere!

After a hard workout session with my trainer yesterday, I came home, ate, re-packed the gym bag again as always and then sat down on the couch, for some alone time with Sharknado.


I hadn’t actually seen it and when I saw that Netflix had it I thought, what the heck? I like sharks. I guess it’s not the horror movie I really wanted to see but oh well. Another night, when I have more energy.

Last night I wondered if I was going to be able to get out of bed this morning. The session last night definitely exhausted me and my body got sore quick. 100 burpees in 12.27 mins. I rock. And while it was hard, I jumped (groaned and dragged myself) out of bed in anticipation for tonight. Ellie Goulding’s playing! Anything Could Happen is one of my favorites at the moment.


PS. The movie sucked.

Are you a saint, or a sinner?

140130 140130


I’m finally starting to see results from my training. I love it, really satisfied about it. Can’t wait for summer to come.

I sleep in this shirt. My newest favorite from 42799, a clothing line from one of my favorite persons, Alexander DeLeon.

And yeah, no, the answer? I’m pretty much always a saint. Heh.

Winter Wonderland

It’s that time of the year where grey streets are surrounded by white fluffy snow. My favorite time of the year. December was almost nerve-wrecking not knowing if we would get any snow at all. The little that came said hi and bye right away. Then when a new year rolled in, so did winter and snow fell for hours every day. It’s still here, it’s still cold and I’m in love. It puts me in a peaceful mood, until it gets warmer and it all just turns into a blackened mess.

I love my city, Stockholm, during winter, and I pretty much snap a photo everyday during this time. And just a train ride away, where I live, I have a gorgeous nature to wander around.

Sollentuna Edsviken Sollentuna


Sollentuna Sollentuna Sollentuna

You got me in the mood

Music keeps my heart pumpin’ even if it’s about to break. Always has, always will. If I find a song that goes straight to my inner core, it’s a sure thing I’m going to listen to it until my metaphorical record player is broken. I especially notice this during my workouts. Despite having a long list I keep skipping songs just to get that extra energy from songs that push me just a bit further.

So here are this week’s tips to start us off, a mix of old and new, that I just can’t get tired of, no matter the situation.

sleepingwaf Neon Trees – Sleeping With a Friend
2014 immediately went up, up, up as Neon Trees released Sleeping With a Friend. Neon Trees have been a favorite band of mine for a while and they didn’t disappoint me with this. It has a uplifting beat full of dance, dance, dance, despite the theme of the song which, just like the lyrics go, can be a dangerous place to be in. Oh, and, the title of this entry is taken from this song.

youngbloodThe Naked and Famous – Young Blood
A song from 2010 that has been a favorite since then. TNAF has a distinct sound that I like, the light airy magical and yet massive sound I easily disappear into. And just because they deserve it, listen to Punching In A Dream, Hearts Like Ours and Eyes.

sex The 1975 – Sex
This is also an oldie but a goodie like TNAF. I’m just happy if someone hasn’t heard it, listens to it, and love it as much as me. Another song about sex (*ahem*) but just like Sleeping With a Friend, it’s not sleazy or cheap. Another one I like for running, the adrenaline levels heighten each second from the beginning

annasun Walk The Moon – Anna Sun
From the moment Anna Sun starts, it builds up into a cascade of smiles that are thrown all over the place. I can never sit still during this, which is perfect for when I’m out running. There’s a lot of energy in this song, from the music to the flow of the lyrics. It was one of my favorite songs of 2013.


Bonus tracks: Walk The Moon – I Can Lift A Car, Ola – Tonight I’m Yours, NONONO – Pumpin’ Blood